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Tennis Courts at Jay Were Overflowing Thursday Night

The Jay High Royals walked onto the tennis courts today at the Bray-Hendricks Park in Jay for their first home match as a team.  Coach Melvin Kersey, says “I am ecstatic.  We have come so far in just a year.”  From the dream Ch. Kersey had over a year ago to establish a team to the reality of today’s game has been a lot of work.  “Most of my players started playing 2 weeks ago” Ch. Kersey stated, about his team.  The game of tennis is a life long sport that the children are just beginning to learn.  They play a Pro Set in high school.A pro set is first to 8 games instead of 6.  The team with the most  matches win the meet.  Jay plays both singles and doubles at each meet.

There are many expenses associated with the game.  The players purchased their own uniforms and equipment.  They still need a constant supply of tennis balls.  The Town of Jay has been helpful in establishing the team giving a donation before the season.   The Royals would appreciate any donation,  you can contribute through the school, the quarterback club or even to the city to help maintain the courts.

Jay Royals Tennis
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