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SRC Development Service is working.  A recent development in Gulf Breeze took only 14 months to complete a $10 million, 53,000 square foot project.  Overhauled in 2009, our county’s development review process addresses the need for coordination at every step, starting before even the initial development application is filed to the final occupancy of a building. From the beginning, every project is assigned a project manager who is tasked with not only responding promptly to all customer requests, but is required by internal procedures to touch base with the owner and developer regularly at key points during the project.

What does that mean for the customer? Communication typically begins with a preapplication meeting which brings together all of the county reviewers, the customer and his design professionals, and often other permitting agencies to discuss each step in the process. That helps the developer to understand up front what the full process will encompass.

Project managers then follow the project closely during review, construction, and inspection with an eye towards minimizing delays for the customer. In fact, staff meet weekly to discuss each project in the pipeline and how they may assist in moving the project on to the next step. Ed Hewes, of Hewes & Co. the general contractor praised the collaborative process and attributes it as a major factor in how the Avalex project was completed so quickly saying, “It was a pleasure working with the development services team on this large project. The project manager, office staff, and inspectors were friendly, professional and prompt with their updates and inspections.”

They have made many changes in the last two years, but are not done yet. Through feedback from  customers, the commercial
development review process is continually tweaked to better meet your needs. Contact them by: 24 Hr. Inspection Line: (850) 981-7050 Main: (850) 981-7000 Email  Fax Number: (850) 623-1208

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