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Pro Kids Tonight At Jay Elementary

Jay Elementary will host “Pro Kids Show” Thursday night February 9th at 6:30 in the auditorium.  This show focus on building good character.  There will be a  performance at the school on Thursday, February 9th during school and another show at 6:30pm  for both students and parents.  All are encouraged to attend.  There is no admission charge and all the school highly encourages all to attend.

Scott Humston’s Nationally Acclaimed “Pro Kids Show!” was hosted by more than 100 elementary schools last year.  Since its beginnings it has been seen by more than 1.1 million students.  He was even a featured performer at the White House.

What does Scott do?  His program is a live action motivational program growing out of 20 years of success in elementary schools across theUnited States.  Through the use of custom music, amazing magic, hilarious comedy, storytelling, and audience involvement, students learn the importance of honesty, respect, self-esteem, cooperation and responsibility.

Newspapers have described Scott Humston’s show as “refreshingly wholesome,” “hilariously entertaining,” and “an experience no one should miss,” while describing performer Scott Humston as “a combination of many things: magician, slapstick comedian, singer, and storyteller,” “an instant best buddy,” and a “general all-round friend of children.”

But Scott’s show is more than just entertainment.  It has a message for students and families, revealed wit, and warmth.

Scott holds a B.A. in dramatic arts, and has been awarded professional and community awards for his encouragement to young people.  As a professional communicator he is an excellent guest authority and spokesman in print and on film.

If your news organization would like to interview Scott about his character education program in public schools, remedies for school violence, or any other related topics please call The Kid Pro Company at 1-800-276-7870.  You may also visit our web site:

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