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Evers says “NO” to Privatizing Prisons

Sen. Greg Evers needs your help.. Despite opposition,  Greg has decided to vote “NO” on SB2038 which would privatize prisons in the state , create job losses and close prisons.  This bill  will affect our neighbors.  Please read the bill: for more info. Please if you are so moved send him an email to his official senate email asking he vote “NO” on SB2038 at  The vote on this bill was postponed but could take place as early as Tuesday, Feb. 7 when the Senate is back in session.

Some concerns expressed by Floridians are  that this bill or plan  is being rushed through without the proper study a overhaul of this magnitude deserves. If passed this would be the biggest(26 prisons) prison privatization so far.  State law requires that any effort to privatize a state function be backed by a thorough cost-benefit analysis, but as of today, Monday, Feb. 6, 2012 the  Department of Corrections officials have yet to complete one.  If passed the Senate Bill would void this requirement.

Mike Haridopolous, the president of the Florida Senate and a supporter of the bill. He had this to say recently about the bill,  “As I have stated many times, I believe it is paramount that we prioritize our state’s spending by privatizing prisons, which has the potential to save a minimum of 22 million taxpayer dollars which I firmly believe are better spent on education, health care and economic development.  And with our state facing a nearly 2 billion dollar budget shortfall, privatizing prisons is exactly the kind of common sense solution we must choose. ”

The SB2038 according to the Senate Bill is:  GENERAL BILL by Budget; Rules; Rules

Privatization of Correctional Facilities; Requiring that the Department of Management Services, working with the Department of Corrections, privatize the management and operation of certain correctional facilities and assigned correctional units; requiring that the Department of Management Services issue two or more requests for proposals; requiring that the Department of Corrections determine the costs incurred for the 2010-2011 fiscal year for each correctional facility and assigned correctional unit according to a specified formula; requiring that certain accounts associated with the correctional facilities and assigned correctional units continue to be remitted to the General Revenue Fund; requiring that the Department of Corrections prepare and submit to the Legislative Budget Commission proposed revisions to its operating budget, etc.

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