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In the Andes Mountains there are narrow ledges where only one pack animal can walk or pass. When two of them meet, one kneels and lets the other walk over him. Because of this, both are safe and they go on their way. In the same way, you and I can help one another along life’s highway. This is not to say we should let people run over us! But you need to know that your life can and will influence others either positively or negatively. Jesus spoke of helping others many times while teaching the disciples.

It is important, as a Christian, to soon learn the responsibility we have of leading others in a positive way. You can’t force anyone along the road to God, whether they know it’s good for them or not. This also means you can’t force your opinion on them no matter how good or true it may be. People must choose for themselves what that good and perfect will of God is (Romans 12:2).

It’s interesting that Jesus never forced himself upon people. Instead, he told them little stories called “Parables”. Each of the parables dealt with some issue or problem the people could relate to. Most of the time these parables did not focus on the negative, but on the healthy, positive solution that applied to the situation. Jesus would finish one of his parables, then often ask, “What think ye?” or “What do you think?” A test of comprehension, so the lesson taught could be understood and applied to life.

Jesus rarely condemned sinners he spoke to, particularly in public. Remember the woman who sinned and Jesus said: “Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more” (John 8:11). He didn’t excuse her sin, and he didn’t condone it. He understood it. She knew she had sinned. She was forgiven and given another chance. God’s grace can pardon you if you confess your sins and sincerely seek His forgiveness.

Helping one another in Jesus’ name is a choice; a wise one that leads to happiness, fulfillment, and obedience to the servant attitude. Helping someone isn’t always about doing something. Many times an encouraging word or a suggestion of things that have helped you, does wonders for some who are at the end of their rope. A Christian has a testimony and you need to develop it into a “story of glory”, to the glory of God of course.

The Living With Purpose column on is almost two months old. The results of it have been overwhelmingly and predominantly positive! I get emails, notes, and comments every week concerning the impact the column is making. So we are making a difference here! I tell you this so you might be free to share with me some of your positive stories. They need not be long, just an explanation of how something positive has helped you or something you have done for someone else. These are your own personal parables, tales of testimony if you will. I encourage you to share; I’m asking you to share, not just with me, but with others. Family, friends, and even friendly strangers need to know what God is doing in your life. I pursue spirituality and positive thinking because of the life and energy it gives to me. What I learn through God’s revelation and my personal experience I share with others. Develop your own personal testimony and practice it. People need to hear it and God needs to be glorified by it.

Each one of us can act as a “pilot light”, God’s pilot light. It has been said, the love of God cannot be taught…it must be caught! You may be only a small flame, but you must be a believing one. Your story, your experience, your testimony, your flame can ignite hundreds of fires. What a wonderful and exciting thought! Your life can make a difference in other people’s lives. You can be the means to positively help others along life’s road. But first, the fire must be lit in your heart. If you desire to show others what being “In Christ” or “With God” means, you must be a model of what you want that other person to be. You have a message to bring to others. And it’s more than saying: “Here’s God! Have at it”. Its saying: “This is what Jesus, God’s Son, did to help me…and he can help you too!” A prerequisite for truly helping others in Jesus’ name is to cultivate a close, spiritual relationship with God. This is so you will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and you will have something to give people that will help them to be stronger and meet life more confidently and effectively. Ask God for the opportunity to help others and it will come. Look for it! And finally, be Christ-like and be encouraged by finding a church, attend faithfully, and follow God in all your ways.

  • This weekly column is written by Matthew Dobson. A graduate of Florida State University, University of West Florida, and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, he is Pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church in Jay, Florida. Matthew can be reached by email: He welcomes your thoughts and questions concerning faith, belief, and Christian living.
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