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Literacy Event for Central School

Central School will be “Leading the Race to Read” for this week.  There will be events to Start your  Engine: reading graphs; Race to Read: Guest reader and car races; Reading for Design: books on how

to design and create a new Central School Race Car; Scooter Racers: Races in PE and then writing about the experience; and the week of racing will end with a movie.

On Monday, Jan. 23 the students will participate in the MILLION MINUITE MARATHON READING SCHOOL WIDE: Each class will read for 20 minutes, school minutes will be totaled and sent to the District Office.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24 the Read to Race event,  Mrs. Lewis will read a story about race cars. Students will race cars down a race course with one girl and one boy winner from each class receiving a blue ribbon. (located in the gym lobby)

On Wednesday, Jan. 25 each student will Design Central School Race Car: Teachers will read a book about race cars to their students.  Each student will design a race car, each class selects one design to represent their class then elementary students will vote on one final design as the official race car for Central School. ****Names on the back of the drawings***

On Thursday, Jan. 26 the school will host a Scooter Race Day: During P.E there will be scooter races for the students.   After the races the student will write about their experience as a race car driver.  The class will select 1 boy and 1 girl writings to be placed in the main hall.

On Friday, Jan. 27 the Checkered Flag Race Day: To conclude the week we will be showing a movie about racing ex. Cars, Herbie the Love Bug, etc. on ITV.

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