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Central Parents Met with Sodexo

“We weren’t told no but we weren’t told yes either”, stated Donna Tate.  Donna spearheaded the petition and meeting with Sodexo in support of Amy Padgett.  Amy has to complete the “plan” Sodexo has lined up for her (due to confidentiality issues nothing more could be said to us about that ) and  should a position come available back at Central she can apply.   Parents pointed out if there were 5 applicants and 3 of those were forwarded to personnel for consideration that the current management would probably not include Amy in those for consideration. The fact that there were 7 parents there in support of Amy,  the personnel director stated that the final decision lies with their department on any move of employees for open positions. Employee evaluations are completed at the end of the school year for Sodexo.

The Central parents mentioned several other issues that students have recently complained about: spoiled milk, rotten lettuce, removal of food from students trays, the fact that elementary students have no sign to tell them what is an entree and what is a side dish, rudeness to students by current Sodexo management.  Sodeco management asked the students and parents to give current management the same consideration that Sodexo is giving Amy considering this the current management’s 1st year in management position. If student has any issues in the lunchroom from this point forward we were asked to contact Sodexo offices– Sodexo has promised they will address and rectifiy the issues placed before them today.

In response to the parents meeting this letter was sent to Donna Tate:

Ms. Tate,

I would like to summarize the notes from our meeting this morning.   First, I want to thank you for initiating and arranging the meeting.

You  have identified some concerns in regards to the current manager at Central School .  I ask that you give us time to work with Jennifer and the staff at Central School .  Here is what we will address immediately

  • Work with Jennifer and the team  on the fundamentals of customer service and leadership principals.
  • Build respect and relationships with teachers, staff and community.
  • Create a Item Identifying System for our customers to understand what is included in their meal and what is an ala carte item (additional purchase).
  • Taking food off trays (i.e. extra portions, extra pancakes, etc.)
  • Work with vendor to ensure proper milk rotation so that old milk is not left on site.
  • Ensure quality assurance of all food products (i.e. rotten lettuce)
  • Add additional salad dressing choices.

In closing, it is mutual that it is in our best interest to have Amy at Central. Unfortunately, it is up to Amy to whether she is eligible for any positions that are open in the future at Central. We will continue to monitor her progress.

In addition, we will monitor the progress at Central.  What is most important to us is to serve the children, faculty and community.

Thanks again for your time today and bringing these items to our attention.

Leslie Bell

Director of Food Service

Santa Rosa County School District

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