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Single-port Robotic Surgery

Baptist Hospital First in the Region for Single-port Robotic Surgery

PENSACOLA, Fla. (Jan. 5, 2012) – Baptist Health Care is known for its skilled and dynamic physicians and is proud to share another milestone. Recently, Tracey Thomas-Doyle, M.D., performed the first single-port da Vinci® robotic hysterectomy in the Florida panhandle area. The closest Florida hospital to perform this procedure is located in Gainesville.

As a patient-centered organization, Baptist focuses on meeting patient’s expectations. The minimally invasive single-port hysterectomy helps patients experience shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, less pain and less blood loss. In fewer than 20 hours from the start of surgery, the patient was walking around and discharged about 24 hours later exceeding her expectations.

This revolutionary approach to hysterectomy – the most common surgery in the United States – utilizes a small incision at the naval in which a round port is placed.  Through the port, the surgeon places three of the robotic operating arms to administer the surgery.

The patient and her husband drove from out-of-state and were glad they did. Both said, “Everyone should come to Baptist for surgery.” The patient noted little pain, stating “it just felt like I did a lot of sit ups.” The couple also shared great compliments about the streamlined check-in, good communication, and updates after surgery clinical and non-clinical staff, and Dr. Thomas-Doyle.

The culture of service excellence and a positive health care experience with the new single-port surgical technique will be an asset to the community as Baptist leads the minimally invasive and robotic surgery technology in northwest Florida.

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