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Pursed Snatched During Prayer

During the evening services at a local church a male entered and while the prayer was being said, he took a purse off  a pew with the owner sitting beside it.  The lady was able to attract the attention of the congregation and that of the theft then her husband pursued the suspect. The suspect was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

A word of caution during the holiday season from a concerned citizen.  This is a time that purses get taken, so ladies be AWARE of your surroundings in stores, malls and parking lots. Don’t leave your purse in the shopping cart. Lock your vehicles. Make copies of what you have in your purse, like DL and credit/debit cards , front and back, and keep at home in a safe place or in a safety deposit box. If it can happen at church with your purse right beside you on a pew, it can happen anywhere. Guys, you are not exempt, watch your wallet, button your hip pocket where you keep your wallet. BE SAFE and HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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