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Partners for Pets Donation Makes a Great Holiday Gift for Animal Lovers

Partners for Pets Donation Makes a Great Holiday Gift for Animal Lovers

Looking for a gift for the animal loving friend or family member this holiday season? Give a Partner for Pets gift donation in their name! Making a gift donation not only shows that you understand and support their love and passion of protecting and caring for animals, but your contribution directly helps the quality of life of our local pets. With a donation of any amount, animal services will mail a personalized holiday greeting card with your message to notify them of your gift in their honor. Partners for Pets donations are tax-deductible and unlike national donation plans, 100 percent of all Partners for Pets donations will benefit animals in Santa Rosa County . Gift donations can be made securely online at

 or by requesting a donation form by calling (850) 983-4680 .  

 Santa Rosa County Animal Services Partners for Pets program was established in 2009 with the goal of seeing every adoptable pet finding a loving, forever home. Donations to the program are used to enhance animal service efforts including a spay and neuter program, educational outreach on the benefits of spaying and neutering, and adoption events throughout the county. When combined, these efforts have been proven to make a dramatic difference in local pet populations and in reducing the number of animals that must be humanely euthanized.

Unlike private shelters that can have limitations on the number of animals they accept, Santa Rosa County ‘s shelter accepts each one with over 7,800 animals passing through their doors. Unfortunately, only an average of 20 percent are adopted, sent to rescue organizations or reunited with their families when found straying from home. Sterilization of pets is the best solution to the overpopulation problem in our county. In addition to the gift donation, many other types and levels of support are available including a supply donations, one time-donations, monthly supporter and memorial gifts.

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