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Miss Jay Pageant Winners K- 8th

The pageants are sponsored by the FCCLA and the Jay High Cheerleaders. The contestants and winners are listed below. A photo gallery of the event will be added today.
Tiny Miss Jay Contestants       Kindergarten – 1st grade

1. Avery Nichole Mitchem
2. Emerson Walters
3. Scarlett Rose Moore
4. Laurel Lucille Borders
5. Ansley Steele
6. Brooklyn Sorrells
7. Hope Lashley
8. Jordan Elizabeth Sanders
9. Bailey Adell Payne
10. Hollee Emmons
11. Brittany Diane Lewis

Last year’s winner: 2010 Tiny Miss Jay – Emma Barrow

Miss Cooperative – Scarlett Rosa Moore
3rd runner up – Emerson Walters
2nd runner up – Avery Nichole Mitchem
1st runner up – Hollee Emmons
2011 Tiny Miss Jay – Brooklyn Sorrells

Little Miss Jay Contestants            2nd – 4th grade

1. Madison Zarahn
2. Bailey Marie Scott
3. Alayna Lowery
4. Sierra Madison Hutto
5. Brynn Burgess
6. Christa Sanders
7. Adyson G. Sheppard
8. Amanda Kay Hachtel
9. Layan Ibrahim Al-Sowayan
10. Kinsley Cook
11. Emily Faith Hatfield
12. Carlyn Watson
13. Mallory Samantha Floyd
14. Carsyn Seib
15. Peighton Nicole Cobb
16. Carly Willis

Last year’s winner: 2010 Little Miss Jay – Jillian Thornton

Miss Cooperative – Layan Ibrahim Al-Sowayan
3rd runner up – Alayna Lowery
2nd runner up – Mallory Samantha Floyd
1st runner up – Carsyn Seib
2011 Little Miss Jay – Kinsley Cook

Miss Jay Elementary Contestants           5th and 6th grade

1. Briannah Nicole Lowe
2. Jennifer Lowry
3. Kassadi Raye Borders
4. Amber Nicole Cross
5. Haylee Watson
6. Autumn Ates
7. Anabel Sheppard
8. Maci Holt
9. Carly Leanne Sanders
10. Jescie Roberts

Last year’s winner: 2010 Miss Jay Elementary – Morgan Floyd

Miss Cooperative – Carly Leanne Sanders
3rd runner up – Autumn Ates
2nd runner up – Jescie Roberts
1st runner up – Anabel Sheppard
2011 Miss Jay Elementary – Carly Leanne Sanders

Miss Jay Junior High Contestants        7th and 8th grade

1. Madelynn Montgomery Holt
2. Savannah Gabrielle Dubose
3. Danielle Nicole Harrington
4. Alexis Breanne Mitchem
5. Crystal Hope Miller
6. Riana Leigh Wolfe
7. Shyan Danielle Watson
8. Corigan Ritter

Last year’s winner: 2010 Miss Jay Junior High – Launa Burkhead

Miss Cooperative – Corigan Ritter
3rd runner up – Danielle Nicole Harrington
2nd runner up – Madelynn Montgomery Holt
1st runner up – Savannah Gabrielle Dubose
2011 Miss Jay Junior High – Crystal Hope Miller

Jay k-8th Beauty Pageant
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