North Santa Rosa

JES Citizenship Awards

Jay Elementary Citizenship Awards

1st 9 weeks



Mrs. Baggett:  Brett Watson,  Elysia Smith,  Hannah Kersey, and Leigha Holland

Ms. Hill:  Dustin Dyess, Kendall Wolfe, Preston Sevin and Tyson Smarr

Mrs. deGraff:  Scarlett Moore and Joshua Hawthorne

Mrs. Gannon:  Luci Borders, Rickey Caudell, Mary Jane Smith and Desarae Strickland


1st grade

Mrs. Carroll:   Jasper Flowers and Avery Mitchem

Mrs. Macht:    Millie Bethea and Dylan Bradley

Ms. Hendricks:  Anna Rushing and Chance Thornton


2nd grade

Mrs. Floyd:  Taylor Baggett and Preston Smith

Mrs. Roberson:  Brycen Roberts and Bailey Scott

Mrs. Upton:    Devin Sauls and Megan Bethea

Mrs. Brown:    Emma Madden and Gracie Bird


3rd grade

Mrs. Free:   Brody Johnson and Jillian Thornton

Mrs. Arrant:  Bray Watson and Carsyn Seib

Mrs. Rowell:  Makenna Locklin and Tylen Sorrells

4th grade

Mrs. Toyama:   Leslie McCall and Logan Cooley

Mrs. Steele:     Cierra Dannelley and Dylan Phillips

Mrs. Bryan:   Jordan Kimmons and Laryn Kimmons

Mrs. Wade:    Brittney Strickling and Ian Russell


5th grade

Ms. Nelson:     Alyssa Baxley and Austin Epps

Mrs. Smith:   Madison McCurdy and Maci Holt

Mrs. Granberry:  Brittany Burnham and Jamie Blackmon


6th grade

T.J. Routley,  Tanner Macks,   Andrew Sawyer,  Timmy Locklin,  Mandy Nelson

Kendra Weekes, Cydney Covert and Anna-Grace Smith


Mrs. Whitman

Taylor Cofield

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