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Central Runs to the Top at Paxton

Central Ran to the winners circle at Paxton Tuesday, October 11. Both the girls and boys both finished first. Kyle Fuller was the top boy finisher and he came in first overall. Kyle also broke the school record. The record was 18:46 and he ran an 18:03 to break it. Kyle is a 9th grader.  The  top girl runner was Kyle’s sister,  Kennedy Fuller. Kennedy ran a 21:30 and came in 2nd overall.
Kyle Fuller pictured below breaks school record.  
The Top 5 boys and girls are listed below:

Kyle Fuller – 18:03
Keifer Boyett – 19:02
Nick Pooley – 19:41
Dylan Peacock – 21:29
Morgan Givens – 21:33

Kennedy Fuller – 21:30
Beth Smith – 21:40
Erica Waters – 23:29
Brandi Bradley – 25:09
Allaina Morrow – 27:09

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