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Arrest made in Late Night Stabbing

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Made After Late Night Stabbing in MiltonOn 10/03/2011 at 2312 hours, Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to 6436 Highway 90 (Emerald Sands Inn) Milton, FL, in reference to a stabbing that had just occurred. Upon arrival, deputies received the following account of what had occurred. The victim, Michael Atchison, was talking with his wife Jolene Jackson outside of their apartment at Emerald Sands Inn. A group of approximately 5 unknown adult males and females were walking across the apartment complex parking lot near the location of Michael and Jolene. One of the males in the group was the suspect, Randall Glenn White II. According to witnesses, Randall and the others in the group were talking loudly and being obnoxious. Jolene politely asked Randall to not be so loud due to their children being asleep inside her apartment. Randall angrily shouted back at Jolene some obscenities to include threats of violence. Jolene angrily and verbally responded to Randall’s obscenities. Michael attempted to get Jolene to calm down. When Michael looked over his shoulder, he noticed Randall had positioned himself behind him. Randall continued to make threats towards Michael’s wife while aggressively walking toward them. As Randall got close to Michael, he attempted to strike Michael by swinging his closed fist toward Michael’s head. Michael avoided being hit by bending down. He stood up and was able to punch Randall in the face which knocked him down. When Randall stood back up, Michael heard someone shout, “He (Randall) has a knife!” Randall aggressively charged towards Michael and struck him on his left side torso with his hand. Michael did not see a knife in Randall’s hand, but stated that he felt the pain as it occurred. A physical altercation ensued and continued as Michael wrestled Randall to the ground. Michael then remembered being pulled apart by people to stop the altercation. Witnesses also stated that they saw Randall with the knife in his hand which he used to strike Michael. Michael’s injuries were abrasions on both knees, a 4” laceration on the top of his left shoulder and 4 additional knife puncture wounds. These were located on his upper and lower left chest and the middle and lower regions of the left side of his back. Randall’s injuries were a 1” laceration on the top of his left wrist, and abrasions on his knees and left elbow.
Both were transported to Sacred Heart Hospital emergency room in Pensacola for treatment. Michael was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Randall was treated and released back to Santa Rosa County at which time he was arrested and booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail.

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