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Player Suspension Rescinded

Jay High School Athletic Director, Lance Youngblood,  was able to confirm rumors that the 6 wk suspension of player, Connor Weekes, has been rescinded and he will only be out 1 wk.  Ch.Youngblood stated that, “this is a win-win situation.  We are glad that the situation has worked out as it has.  We feel comfortable that we went about the process the right way and the FHSAA saw what we saw on the film”

During the Kick-off Classic between Jay and Baker two players had an altrication at the beginning of the second quarter.  The umpires had both teams move off the field then the umpires decided to eject both Jay Quarterback, Connor Weekes and Baker defensive player, Billy Cotton from the game.  According to the report filed with the FHSAA the boys threw punches.  Coaches from both Jay and Baker are appealing the decision to suspend the players for 6 games.  As of today video has been located that shows the altercation and there is no visible evidence of punches thrown.  The appeal process takes 3 days.  The coaches expect a decision at the latest by Tuedsay, Sept. 6th (due to the Labor Day holiday).  Coach Smith, of Jay, was proud of his team for most of the players “this is the first time in this atmosphere, and they played real hard.”

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