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Featured Business: Farmer’s Opry History and Upcoming Events

Chumuckla Highway sign advertising Farmer's Opry and Campsite.

Farmer's Opry in Chumuckla

A gallery of photos highlight the tremendous talent that has participated in the music at Farmer's Opry.

At left is Rene Taylor, Sandy Wyatt - owner; and right - Cindy Gray -- all cooks at the Opry.

Written by Susan McGee, NSR News

Sandy Wyatt and his “Sawmill Band’’ have been bringing smiles, hand clapping, foot tapping, and all-around musical enjoyment since way before a lot of people remember – but in 2001, Wyatt found a new way to share his talents and his band with North Santa Rosa County.

Wyatt is the owner of Chumuckla’s Farmers Opry, located at 8897 Byrom Campbell Road, Pace (close to the Chumuckla crossroads.)

Sandy grew up in Jay and attended Jay’s local schools until the eighth grade. “I grew up on Cobbtown Road and graduated from what was then Allentown High School (now Central High.) He started out immediately after high school playing in a band and touring the countryside for 17 years. He missed his family, and his home, and decided to call the musical touring business quits. “I was simply tired of all the traveling. I loved music – but I didn’t want to be away from home all the time any more.”

As a compromise to stay in the industry – Sandy, along with his brother-in-law, Gordon Howell, started the Opry. (Howell is no longer involved in the business.) Wyatt added that the business is all family. “We couldn’t do this without the family. It’s all family run. I’ve got all kinds of family members doing all kinds of jobs.”

Wyatt and his band,  The Sawmill Band, play each weekend at the establishment – leading in for some of our country’s best and most famous country bands. Sawmill Band members include Wyatt, Melissa Welch, Kelton French, Jeremy Wyatt, Clint Smith, Rick Smith, Dereck Barnes, and Brooke Smith.

Along with musical entertainment, the Farmer’s Opry offers cafeteria style serving line meals and also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wyatt added that “no where around here can you walk in, get a quality meal that will compare to any restaurant around – in less than 1 minute. The meal, combined with a 2-hour country music show is good, genuine, wholesome fun and is only $21.95 – for both.

Friday nights at the Opry is devoted entirely to gospel music. Saturday night is country – and each event is opened with a pledge of allegiance and a prayer. “Our business is built on those principals.”

Some upcoming events are creating excitement in the area. One of the biggest events in this area is the Classic Country Music Festival – to be hosted at the Opry the last 2 days of September as well as October 1. Wyatt said that the “absolute best country band in the world” will be performing at this event. Even though it is not a named group – the country’s “best guitarist”, “best harmonica player” – best of the best – will join together to form a group and headline this event. (More information to come.)

On Friday, Aug. 19, The Tribute Quartet will sing at Gospel Night; and on August 27th – will be the Texaco Country Showdown, sponsored by 102.7 WXBM.

Dinner starts each night at 4:30 p.m. and goes to 7 p.m. with the nightly show beginning at 7 – 9 p.m. The Opry is an alcohol and smoke free establishment.

The Farmers’ Opry Campgrounds are also available for those who want to spend an entire weekend (or week) there. The tree-filled campgrounds come equipped with a L.C. Salter Fellowship Center which seats 65 and provides showers and other amenities.

Make plans to visit the Farmer’s Opry — For more information you can go to


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