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NASWF Sailors of the Quarter

By Lt. j.g. Tim Mosso, NAS Whiting Field Public Affairs


NAS Whiting Field has recognized its distinguished enlisted personnel for the Third Quarter of 2011.  Three of the base’s sailors will be honored for comprehensive excellence in the discharge of their professional duties and community involvement.

“Naval Air Station Whiting Field would like to congratulate Third Quarter Sailor and Junior Sailor of the Quarter along with our Blue Jacket of the Quarter,” Command Master Chief Rafael Rosado beamed.

“The competition was fierce, all are deserving of recognition, and all are winners.  Their “can do” spirit also infects others to give and do more,” he added with pride.

Air Traffic Controller First Class Thorice Armstrong was selected as Sailor of the Quarter.  Armstrong serves as the North Tower Branch Chief for NAS Whiting Field’s fixed-wing training operations.   Armstrong was lauded for his “passion in mentoring, molding, and developing… every sailor” by his Leading Chief Petty Officer, Air Traffic Controller Senior Chief Trevor Rowe.

The air station’s Sailor of the Quarter has amassed 17 professional qualifications over the course of nine years in naval service.  Beyond his dedication to the immediate challenge of safely guiding the student aviators, the base’s Sailor of the Quarter tackles a vast array of collateral challenges.

Armstrong provides direct mentorship to 25 sailors as their Blue Crew Section Leader.  In this capacity, he offers professional and personal guidance to individuals.  Armstrong’s supervisors lauded his additional dedication to the NAS Whiting Field Community via his efforts as Assistant Command Drug and Alcohol Prevention Advisor.  He provides guidance to sailors concerning responsible alcohol use and offers counseling to sailors with alcohol-related concerns.

In addition to his professional and collateral duties, Armstrong has committed to in-depth involvement across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  His elective studies have included survey courses in Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, West African, and Central Asian current events and geopolitics.


When not engaged in professional pursuits, Armstrong has been active in NAS Whiting Field’s Captain’s Cup softball series, a morale and team-building exercise designed to foster command spirit.

Aviation Boatswains Mate (Handling) Second Class Edwars A. Forbes was recognized as the air station’s Junior Sailor of the Quarter.  His leadership as the Crash Division Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Chief vastly enhanced the operational risk management of NAS Whiting Field’s flight training programs.

Forbes’ commitment to aviation safety resulted in manifold contributions to the safety and security of student naval aviators and their instructors.  As the Training Petty Officer, Forbes was directly responsible for the education and qualification of 25 aircraft fire fighters.

The skills that Forbes imparted to his trainees materially enhance the capabilities of naval aviation’s first responders in the crash, rescue, and fire-fighting disciplines.

Forbes’ was lauded for his ability to take the initiative and promote a proactive approach to airfield safety.  Forbes continuously leveraged his expertise in mishap response to anticipate and mitigate hazards at his stations.   His sustained vigilance and professional ethic represented a key contribution during the course of 300,000 safe flight hours by Training Air Wing FIVE and Training Air Wing SIX.

Petty Officer Forbes’ off-duty commitments reflect his dedication to community involvement.  As a volunteer for the USO, he provided outreach and support services for local veterans and their families.

“We supported a group of WWII veterans who went to Washington, D.C. We helped get them to the airport, through check-in, and provided wheelchairs for some.  And we were there for them and their congressmen when they flew back,” Forbes recalled.

In addition to his USO engagements, Forbes is active in an NAS Whiting Field initiative to promote literacy among local youths.

“We go to Elberta Middle School and read to the kids, encourage them,” Forbes explained.

Air Traffic Controller Darrah L. Crow was selected as NAS Whiting Field’s Bluejacket of the Quarter.  Crow has been recognized as an indispensible contributor to safe operations and personnel training at the base’s North Tower.

Although Crow is the most junior of the air station’s quarterly awardees by rank, she delivers performance worthy of a seasoned veteran in the discharge of her comprehensive duties.  Air traffic control requires absolute focus, and Crow has demonstrated sustained excellence in this demanding field.  “She consistently raises the plateau, putting forth maximum efforts…  Airman Crow is very meticulous with her job, always aiming for perfection,” noted Rowe.

Crow’s impact on the North Tower working environment reaches beyond her considerable competence.  Her willingness and ability to serve as a mentor and a teacher to her peers reflects a mature understanding of professional conduct.  Crow has been a central figure in the training of fellow air traffic controllers, and her leadership has led to seven professional qualifications by junior sailors.

“Her drive to always go above and beyond… on command duties makes her a well rounded sailor and an example to follow,” explained Crow’s Division Officer, Lt. Chris Mitchell.

Crow’s independent study initiatives reflect broad intellectual curiosity and a nuanced approach to personal growth.  She has completed Navy orientation courses in Egyptian, Hebrew, and Hausa (West African) culture and is active on the NAS Whiting Field Diversity Committee.

Crow’s community engagement reflects the same energy and depth of involvement that defines her professional character.  Her charitable contributions include over 40 volunteer hours in service of the Navy’s Drug Education for Youth outreach and participation in a Navy and Marine Corp Relief Society fund raiser that yielded over $6,000.

The Sailor of the Quarter Program is sponsored by the Chief of Naval Operations.  Sailor of the Quarter is reserved for the command’s outstanding performer of enlisted rank E6; Junior Sailor of the Quarter is awarded to the top E5; Bluejacket of the Quarter encompasses ranks E1 through E4.  All selectees gain automatic eligibility for the CNO’s Navy-wide Sailor, Junior Sailor, and Bluejacket of the Year recognition.

“The Sailor of Quarter Program is designed to recognize our sailors’ hard work both on and off duty. These sailors are often selected without their knowledge which speaks to the humility and commitment to the Navy core values they have,” explained Rosado.

Quarterly awardees represent the leaders in their respective military professions, and selection is a highly competitive process.  Regardless of ultimate selection, NAS Whiting Field’s nominees represent exemplars in their fields and role models for their peers.  Master Chief Rosado extended his congratulations to all of the candidates;

“They stand as a testament to our Navy’s and Nation’s future.  Bravo Zulu to all participants as they represented their departments very well… and to the winners; I hope to see you in khaki soon.”

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