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Gov. Rick Scott Announces ‘Let’s Get to Work’ Days

 Press release

8/1/2011 Tallahassee – Making donuts, cleaning phone booths, delivering newspapers and selling groceries – all are previous jobs of Governor Rick Scott and tasks he will perform as part of ‘Let’s Get to Work’ Days.

Reviving the tradition started by former Governor and United States Senator Bob Graham, Governor Scott will work at businesses throughout Florida that mirror the jobs he performed on his journey from public housing to the Governor’s mansion.

“Like most Floridians, I have worked hard all my life. I started school in public housing and my family struggled financially,” said Governor Rick Scott. “For that reason I went to work at a young age doing everything from delivering newspapers and cleaning phone booths, to selling groceries and working on a ship in the Navy.”

Governor Scott will aim to do at least one workday each month. The first workday kicks off this Wednesday with the Governor working at a Tampa donut shop, similar to the donut shop he started and his mom operated in Kansas City.

“I was always proud of the jobs I had and learned valuable lessons from each one. My goal as Governor is to be sure every Floridian has the same opportunity to get a job and live the American Dream,” added Governor Scott.

Governor Graham started doing workdays in 1977 as a state legislator and gubernatorial candidate in order to experience “the lives of ordinary Floridians firsthand by working their jobs.” Governor Scott is resurrecting this tradition in the hopes that all future Governors and elected officials will also follow in Governor Graham’s footsteps by walking in the shoes of working Floridians.

“I commend Governor Scott on his commitment to understanding the hopes and concerns of Floridians by working with them. I found the workdays to give me an unusual insight not only into how people earn their living, but how they live their lives, pursue their dreams and confront their challenges. I hope that Governor Scott will have the same rich experiences as he commences workdays. I would also encourage other public officials to adopt this means of better understanding the citizens they represent,” stated Governor Graham.

More details will be announced the afternoon prior to each workday. To suggest jobs for the Governor’s workdays, send an email to

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