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EREC Working to Keep Power Lines Clean

Trees are part of the natural beauty of Florida, but trees and other vegetation are also one of the leading causes of power outages. EREC is responsible for maintaining approximately 2,000 miles of powerlines. In order to keep electricity reliable, we have a responsibility to protect the lines that deliver it to homes and businesses across our areas.

In an effort to provide quality and reliable service to our members, we have employed contract sprayers, Progressive Solutions, to control vegetation growth in our powerline rights-of-way. They have three crews working on the WYE substation. One crew will start at the substation, one on the north end around Dixonville, and one on the south end of Hwy 87. Depending on weather conditions, this type of work should take about 2 – 3 weeks to complete. #coopstrong338179A1-46B0-4E42-820A-8C5F6C969C58

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