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Royals Fall to 0-3 (with gallery)

1ED88730-0A95-4A1F-8E73-41FE44B8C2AF A2AC6D29-8333-4D3E-9410-171866B84E34AB7C4734-4113-43AD-A8E3-F14364A1E882 05921C94-033A-407C-A639-EFB07287E638F80CBDC6-1868-4B1E-90AF-3B6DE6957600 E0E4A1A2-50EB-4C66-8122-3A3668C2EDB1Jay dropped its home opener while falling to 0-3 on Friday. The Royals kept things close against Walton (2-1) in the first half, trailing 26-14 going into the break, but couldn’t keep up with th Braves in the second half, falling  52-17.



Navarre (1-1) 0 0 0 13-13

Milton (2-1) 6 6 0 6-18


Pace (1-1) 38 Pensacola (0-2) 13
5ACB29F4-6433-447E-A860-BB6F279D6649 9ED1B301-EBF0-4672-9F6B-37EA70170D5B 37443727-284A-43B0-A800-D11062317C58 5A501AF0-D786-45D8-B52D-57A33C5B85FF 1961E0AB-6CAF-4D8A-8DAA-1631D9A3469C 8AB266F0-9E43-4F6A-88BA-3BC435110C57 0DE669E0-0A06-44F4-8A38-0D868D089C4F 1D032366-D667-438C-AE4C-5E294C030485

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