North Santa Rosa

Biggest Jay Pro Rodeo Ever!

Ted May Arena-The Jay Pro Rodeo celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and did so with a record turnout. The rodeo, which is a nonprofit organization that gives 100% of proceeds back to the community, is a two night event. On Saturday, the 20 year sponsors and the charter members of the event were recognized and awarded a plaque to commemorate the anniversary.5ADB686B-51EF-4E69-B698-7036C9E65DCC B3BCB171-6B8A-44CD-88AC-6E8922097AD7 A92D3037-A1BD-4A60-800D-5BAAFB465D90 6F3EB28E-9591-413E-8DEF-8D1EC4BCB688 9B0F7B9A-98B9-43B8-9F28-7075DD8E2B19 28774349-A52B-4933-8022-E11182864E9D 77B54862-130C-498D-98D6-C7DD6755A1D4 B235B642-1C98-4FA3-9552-D321E32749B3 040945D8-2A3B-4EC8-A7AE-32E23C00EF61 C528FB73-AF6B-4701-A1A4-910DCA0B7F32 E49C14D2-4526-4035-9A4B-878440F2F743

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