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Let’s Work Together to Save Money During Upcoming Hard Freeze

February 15, 2021 — Temperatures in the low 20s are predicted across our service area tomorrow morning. Frigid cold snaps like this put excess demand on power systems. To keep future power bills in check, remember this simple fact: when you use electricity can be as important as how much electricity you consume.Electricity use fluctuates throughout the day based on consumer demand, and EREC must be able to provide enough electricity to meet the energy demands of our members during times of highest energy use, also known as “on-peak hours.” Early-morning hours, when people start their day, and evening hours, when people return to their homes after work, are common times for on-peak hours.

An electric utility’s rates are set by their highest on-peak demand. Using less on-peak power means lower costs for the co-op, and ultimately, keeps rates low for members. During a hard freeze, increased use of heating systems coupled with other electricity demands can create higher usage during on-peak hours for your cooperative.

During the frigid temperature tomorrow morning, you can help keep EREC’s energy demand peak lower by using less electricity during that time. Don’t do any tasks that use a significant amount of energy such as washing/drying clothes and running your dishwasher that morning. Wait until later in the day when the temperatures are higher, and your heating system isn’t having to work so hard. If you have electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, or printers connected to a power strip, turn it off during those peak hours.

You may think those small tasks do not amount to much. But when we all work together to shave the peak, it will make a big difference. A difference that will translate into savings on future power bills.


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