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JES Drive-Thru Awards Night

JES- On Friday evening Jay Elementary School held their annual awards day like they’ve never held it before. Due to Covid 19 and CDC social distancing guidelines, having their awards day in the historic JHS auditorium was not an option. However, just having their Royal Cubs come pick up their awards or simply mailing them out was not an option either. No, that wouldn’t do for the teachers and administration at Jay Elementary. They had to see their students and make them feel special. And they did both on Friday.

“We aren’t sure who enjoyed this evening more: school staff or students! We absolutely loved seeing so many smiling faces this evening as we waved goodbye for the summer and put an end to one crazy, historic school year,” stated Principal Kelly Short.

Parents with their students drove through the parent pickup line to the delight of seeing their teachers dressed up, acting silly, and applauding each and every student that drove through. Each and every one.

“Our theme #raisingroyals couldn’t have been more appropriate this year as teachers, parents, family members, and community members all came together during the most trying times to provide love, support, unconventional instruction , and some sort of normalcy for our students. Additionally, our students and parents see our staff in a total different light. What a powerful life lesson for us all,” concluded Mrs. Short.

A lesson that these students will not soon forget. The community of Jay is thankful for these teachers and administrators.

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