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Andrews Institute Rehabilitation Collaborates with Physicians to Improve Care for Patients with Concussions 

GULF BREEZE, Fla. (June 10, 2016) ‐ While rehabilitation for a patient with an orthopaedic injury is a common occurrence, utilizing rehabilitation for athletes with a concussion is an emerging focus at Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.The collaboration between Andrews Institute physicians and physical therapists for athletes who have experienced a concussion is an essential part of providing a patient with the best possible sports medicine treatment, and safely returning them to competition. 
Andrews Institute Rehabilitation has always provided a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services, but now can also work to provide rehabilitation for a patient with a concussion injury. 

“Our clinicians provide evaluation and treatment procedures that help to identify the causes of residual symptoms in patients who have experienced a concussion,” said Julie Kellen, corporate director of Andrews Institute Rehabilitation. 

The physical therapists work closely with the patient’s physician to ensure an efficient and effective recovery process. 

“Through regular physician communication we can ensure the athlete is responding to our intervention as expected so they return to play when they are safe to do so,” added Kellen.

While physicians and physical therapists at Andrews Institute focus on all aspects relating to sports medicine with the athlete, providing care for an athlete with a concussion injury is unique in comparison to treating other sports medicine injuries. 

“Athletes are used to pushing through injuries and discomfort,” said Michael Milligan, M.D. “However, with a concussion, pushing through the injury is not effective and can have long term repercussions.” 

Sport concussion physical therapy specialists are crucial to sports concussion care. Though many sports concussions resolve quickly under physician supervision without intervention, some concussions require a more guided and specialized approach. 

“Various sports have different demands and risks of head injury,” said Dr. Milligan. “Modifying the plan of care based on these considerations is important. Understanding the demands of the patient’s sport and their long term goals are important. Considering these goals and working to maximize a safe recovery is part of caring for athletes.” 

For sports concussions that persist, sports medicine physicians often identify conditions that benefit from the care of a collaborative approach between the treating physician and physical therapy specialists. A collaborative team approach between the physician and physical therapist allows for a program tailored to the needs of the individual athlete. 
While Andrews Institute clinicians are providing treatment and rehabilitation for athletes with concussions, they are also focusing efforts to maintain an evolving understanding of concussions and concussion treatment. 

“The Andrews Institute is not only a place for outstanding sports medicine and orthopaedic care, but also a leader in research and education,” said Dr. Milligan. “Through ongoing educational programming, research and collaboration with other national and international leaders, we assure that we remain on the leading edge of health care.” 

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