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Great Charade by the Gunny

The Great Charade Most of us watched with bated breath as the Fort Hood Shooting unfolded, all our questions danced around and played with by the press. The regime has carefully managing all questions, most remaining unanswered, even yet. As it unfolded, Major Hasan, a psychiatrist, walked into his own pre-deployment briefing, pulled a personal […]

The Gunny

Almost a lifetime ago, the people of America had to deal with labor organizing as it hadn’t since the depression. America was transitioning from a former agrarian society, ended by the war and the vastly different living arrangement than existed before the war, and which hadn’t been balanced out since then. The war moved our […]

On the other hand- The Gunny

We like to think that our form of government was designed and built to the desires and intents of the citizens who populated the “several states” existing after the war brought us independence, but the truth is, “the people” had almost no input, little impact on the principles chosen as its foundation, the ideals which […]

Land of Unintended Consequences- by the Gunny

Just the other day, a huge garment factory with some 3000 workers in Bangladesh, got a warning to evacuate because of large cracks forming in the concrete walls and floors.  The manager of a local bank with an office there, saw the cracks, and closed the office.  The next day, over two thousand were trapped […]

Rule of Law- by the Gunny

Last week, a retired Master Sergeant, Iraq and Afghanistan multiple tours in each veteran, was taking his son on a hike as part of his son’s work to earn his “Hiking merit badge” in the desert land in Texas.  He took a hand gun and rifle along for safety.  Carrying a gun has never seemed […]

Equal Rights

Equal Rights ​The founding premise to the issue of homosexual marriage and the entire “normalization” of homosexuality is the suggestion homosexuals don’t have equal rights as people, and are by this way discriminated against. If I can leave aside the religious issue for the moment, I’d like to discuss this as even handedly as I […]

War on Stupidity by The Gunny

War on Stupidity ​We have come to a point in our Nation where the genuine, can’t find the top of their heads with both hands stupid people seem to outnumber rational thinkers. Today, I read an op-ed piece where a six year old student was suspended for two days because at snack time, he, in […]

The Gunny- Sitting on a Fence

Sitting on a Fence Just about everyone sees the need to fix our government, as it is not in our control at all at the present. We have a vast assemblage of problems, accumulated over decades of government ruling government, with no concern for “The People, and what our intents are.  The problem seems to […]

Misallocation of Capital (part 2) by The Gunny

Misallocation of Capital (part 2) ​Capital is the single most critical aspect of “enterprise” in any venue, because it is the sole difference between “tribal living nomadic, hunting gathering life-style” and the “settled, chosen field for agrarian work, chosen for its natural value, and its future prospects”. The first demands acceptance of minimal accumulation, maximum […]

Misallocation of Capital by The Gunny

Misallocation of Capital (part 1) ​This Nation got a head start on the free allocation of capital while colonies because at our inception, “the capital” was almost entirely “sweat equity”, which is allocated entirely by the laborer, while our “sparse population” meant very little central control of anything at the start. We had at the […]