North Santa Rosa

Jay falls to Freeport in OT

1AA407E4-438D-4227-9E82-2CB83E38DBD7F467ADCB-7F57-44EE-9C13-016BB59B247EC09EDD07-29D9-4D53-976F-6F25565C281B F0600BE7-7C55-48F2-8D42-4F9F3FD84EAEJay (1-2) @ Freeport (2-3)

After jumping out on Freeport in the first half, the Royals were unable to finish the job. A strong 3rd quarter by the Bulldogs forced the game into overtime. Freeport scored on their first possession and their extra point. It took Jay one play to score on their possession in OT. Trying for the win, the Royals went for 2 and threw an interception.

Jay 7 20 0 0 6-33

Freeport 0 7 20 0 7-34
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