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Great Charade by the Gunny

The Great Charade

Most of us watched with bated breath as the Fort Hood Shooting unfolded, all our questions danced around and played with by the press. The regime has carefully managing all questions, most remaining unanswered, even yet. As it unfolded, Major Hasan, a psychiatrist, walked into his own pre-deployment briefing, pulled a personal handgun, (in a gun free zone), shot some 13 fellow Soldiers dead, and wounded thirty others. The attack continued with only a pause for a magazine change, until a civilian off-duty police woman pulled her own weapon and shot Major Hasan, stopping the killing.

From the very first, this was called a “workplace shooting” in the finest definition of the BATF and political correctness, a special category of shooting, for statistical purposes. I am wondering which of the victims worked there. The government with collaboration of the press, refuse to admit this attack is related to “the war on terror”, so they have lied from the outset.

Everybody in the briefing room was in uniform, except the civilians; they were all Soldiers, getting briefed to deploy to the war. They were a military unit, getting a standard pre-deployment briefing. The Major was to be a member, himself.

Major Hasan arrived, having risen early to perform ritual ablutions in preparation for his attack. He said morning prayers focused on his pending act of Jihad. He took special care in his cleansing of his body, it included shaving all his body hair, as the Koran requires, and prayers said while in the process. His long flowing robe perfect, not a wrinkle, not a speck of dirt on it, he was to be perfectly robed for his duty.

I suspect Major Hasan cleaned his handgun the night before, most likely he cleaned it again that morning, because it is what a professional Soldier does before attacking his enemy. He left his quarters carefully garbed and fully prepared for his military mission. Knowing the layout, knowing how such briefings go, no doubt he expected to do far more damage than he did, far more killing, and by no means expected to live through this.

Everyone knew it was a “gun free zone”, all bases are, and the nearest weapon was with an M.P. somewhere, or locked with hundreds of others in an armory. What Major Hasan did not know, was there would be a civilian police officer there that day. Absent that fact, there is little likelihood a single round of ammunition would have been found on his body. His emails, his phone calls, his contacts, all signaled his firm intent to fulfill this act of Jihad, and do his part of duty to Allah, as he proclaimed while shooting.

His trial is going forward as I write this. Despite his own actions, his own words, and all logic in the world, his is called “unrelated to the war, a civil incident of workplace violence”. The contents of his emails to one of the most virulent imams, calling constantly for world-wide Jihad, are evidence, but the name of the imam was judged too prejudicial to be allowed, even without defense objection, in fact Hasan welcomed it.

Through this whole charade, the Army, the man in the president suit, the whole of control in congress, the left, all deny this was a military act, refuse to call it an act of war, a terrorist attack, and even though the Major himself stated so, refuse to consider it an attack on the unit.

The greatest fiction writer of our time could write this story and get an instant “non-seller”, and be told he was an idiot for thinking anyone would buy such a line for a moment. My question is this; why, Major Hasan, did you feel it was important to attack those you did, they are only foot soldiers in this war, why did you not plan, prepare, and carry out against people who matter, people who would impact the prosecution of the war, why did you not take out a target within your range, which mattered, why did you not get into a room full of colonels, generals, and the prime strategists, and really make a difference?

The Soldiers wounded and killed were attacked by an enemy combatant. That is a simple fact, established by the exact actions of the Soldier. An Army Major killed thirteen Soldiers, and wounded another thirty. He declared his side as he shot, he declared his victims “the enemy”; how is this not war?

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