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Equal Rights

Equal Rights
​The founding premise to the issue of homosexual marriage and the entire “normalization” of homosexuality is the suggestion homosexuals don’t have equal rights as people, and are by this way discriminated against. If I can leave aside the religious issue for the moment, I’d like to discuss this as even handedly as I am able to.
​To start with, homosexuals will state they experience bullying and discrimination from their entry into public schools. Well, I have to agree, I’ve seen it, watched it, and knew it was happening, mostly because it happened to me too, only I don’t have a special moniker to hang my “discrimination” on, I just got bullied and picked on for being small and weak. Truth to tell, I didn’t know those others, the homosexuals, were being picked on for special reasons, I thought they were just small and weak too. I didn’t find out about the “sex” thing until I was about ten or so.
​In truth, public schools are the primary place it seems we get the most reports bullying, and specific “picking on”, it seems to me it is high time to consider whether the idea of government run, central controlled, “no moral foundation” “conforming education” might be the proximate cause of this anti-social behavior which we recognized publicly for minorities, and ignore the fact “bullying and picking on some” has no connection with the minority status, but appears as such because our common society standards deliberately ignore the fact almost every kid gets bullied and picked on at some stage of their experience except those who find it natural to do so, and their nature and upbringing are more impacting on this than any other aspect.
​In focusing entirely on minority discrimination, society has essentially said “no one else is significantly impacted nor changed by routine bullying”, when the fact is, all of us are formed by our personal experiences as we grow up, and all those who lived through years of bullying have their personality altered by it. I am dyslexic, I grew up my early years overseas, because I’m a “Navy brat”, and spoke Spanish and Italian, and argued with teachers over history, having walked through Rome, the Greek ruins, the whole ruins of “western civilization”, in person, and finding textbooks were frequently wrong and frequently deliberately obfuscating.
​I have a good understanding of what a homosexual experiences growing up, having had a cousin who went through it and grew up to become an integral part of society and a functional part of his society, and I know he went through different challenges, however it is utterly ridiculous to suggest only those “minorities” who are willing to peg themselves as “different beyond normal being different”, are sufficiently greater impacted by common human experience than the other sixty percent of children who have to grow up through the public school system being “picked on”, no less.
​I decided by about eight I was not going to allow someone to pick on me anymore, and having well established my studies in science, I used technology against would be tormentors, building electrical “shock boxes” as I entered my radio experimenting days, and when I placed my wood pencil box against my tormentor’s side and shocked him, there was a new paradigm in the school yard. I got punished for using a weapon, I argued with the vice-principal and the principal, my “weapon” was equalizing my small size with the bully’s strength, and I did no wrong.
​I got picked on no less than any other “average kid” through the rest of my school days, but I never worried about the issue again. I knew from experience I would be confronted, and while I would be punished for my return, I would not be confronted again until I was among people who didn’t know yet.
​We have only such freedom and liberty here, among ourselves, as we allow others to have, because ultimately, we control society at community level. People who wish to live with all their “rights and privileges”, must recognize they must put up with aspects and issues of others which may not be to their liking fully, but if we fail to see it as their right “to be wrong”, we immediately consign “determining right and wrong” as something we impose on others externally, and by this, we deny the capacity of Man to “rule over ourselves”, as “Sovereign Citizens”.

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